Toxaway Day

Or de-toxaway day, if you think I’m addicted to work and commuting through mid-valley construction. But seriously, Toxaway Lake is a beautiful lake in the Sawtooths that Hank and I hiked to on Saturday, following a long Friday evening hike with some friends to the summit of Baldy (the ski mountain in Sun Valley). Friday’s hike with four other humans and just as many dogs lasted for four hours before leading into a lovely dinner with my friend Kirsten and her family. Hank and I were back home around midnight with stuffed bellies and sore calves.

On Saturday we slept in and lazily drank coffee on the porch before heading north for an even bigger hike–the sixteen mile out-and-back to Toxaway. I hadn’t been to this gorgeous spot since last hiking the entire loop with my friend Stephanie in 2009, so I was excited to go again. I was nervous about pushing Hank so much in two days, but once I started loading up my gear he was clearly ready to go.

I’m planning to hike Thompson Peak (the highest in the Sawtooth Mountains) in a week and a half with some wonderful friends visiting from Nashville/Lexington (yay Lauren and Gary!), so I knew it would be good preparation for me, although Hank probably thought I was trying to kill him and his short little legs. But I love my buddy–I would never push him too far. Once we’re on the trail he is always ready to go–he knows that there’s always time and space to collapse and sleep later. Live it up.


Image ImageImageImageImageImage

Driving back over Galena Pass toward Ketchum is always one of my favorite spots–the transition from the Sawtooth to the Wood River Valley is a breathtaking moment, no matter what time of day.

We’ll be out again next weekend with friends enjoying the craft fair and more hiking!


One comment on “Toxaway Day

  1. Jim says:

    Great pictures as usual. Looks like Hank, the hound dog, has found a cool place to wade.

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