I took this picture yesterday as Erica and I were finishing our XC ski trip to Alturas Lake.  I took the photo with my phone, so when it sent to my computer it had a mind of it’s own.  I’m enjoying how disorienting it is upside down.




This was me yesterday, getting out of my car and starting to walk into work.  There was a light layer of fresh powder sweetly concealing several inches of treacherous ice.  My feet flew up in the air, and down I went.  I’m thankful that I didn’t bang my head on the ice, but I did land on my upper back and pull several muscles.  My new little clutch purse was full of snow and it took a few hours at work before I could turn my head more than 20 degrees to the left.  Ouch.

In other news, I bought a cute little COACH clutch purse at a consignment shop in town.  I was quite proud of this find, and it’s RED!