Sawtooth Lake hike



I started working on my second assignment for my creative writing class–a short story–almost a month ago. It still isn’t finished and I’m highly dissatisfied with it, so I decided to move on to another assignment instead. This poem isn’t autobiographical at all, I just started to imagine a life this way and what it might be like (so nobody needs to worry about me and Matt based on this poem, we are doing great).

A Reply to EBB

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
For one–you refuse to listen to my solipsistic bitching,
And all other bitching besides.
For two–you’ll walk away from all this, or so you threaten;
But I know that you wouldn’t demand retribution.
For three, you stopped helping with all the work;
Probably because I scolded your imperfect labor.
And so it will be, that when I am good to you, so will you
Be good to me;
And that is where I’ll stop counting.