Moving Day!


Fall Bike Rides

That’s right, two posts in two days!  Mom and Dad, aren’t you proud?

Just wanted to give you all some quick stats on my wonderful bike ride today:

Total cyclists on path between here and Hailey: about 25

Total golf cart spottings: 8

Total funny tourists on cruisers spottings: 12

Total attacks by crazy red-winged blackbirds: 0 (yes, that has happened before)

Total snakes seen: 2

Total snakes hit: 1

Total giant grasshoppers run over or injured while trying to fly through my spokes: approximately 25

Total giant grasshoppers that I will hit two weeks from now: unestimable

Temperature: 73

Wind chill: 58 (that’s a guess)

Total flat tires: 0

Total miles biked: 22

All in all, a good ride!


A Cold Chill

The transition from summer to winter is a very quick one here.  One day you are wearing a sun dress, the next day a puffy down jacket.  At first it is just a chill in the morning air that reminds you of fall (not this fall, but fall in a warmer climate, where the season is longer).  You enjoy a week of the brisk mornings and warm days, loving this quiet season and its refreshing smell.  But suddenly, it is just cold.  It’s 35 degrees when you wake up, and only warming to 60 instead of 70 during the afternoon.  It may not seem like a big change, but when the cold winds are running through the valley it certainly feels like one.

At some point you look out the window and realize, it is winter.  But the leaves haven’t changed, so it can’t be yet.  It must be fall still.  And then you realize that most of the trees that you look at are pines, and they wouldn’t betray the season so obviously.  So you decide that it must be winter; not an Idaho winter, though, but an Arkansas or Tennessee winter.  There’s a chill, you want to burn a fire, and there is no snow outside.

No snow!  Oh wait, then it must still be fall. Snow won’t come for almost two more months!  So this is fall, but it will be short.  Enjoy it while you can, for it is the most beautiful time here!