a haiku for today

wake to blue bird day

we are called to breathe and live


best with love by side



Spring is coming!

Spring in a ski town can be a very nasty time of year.  Many people leave and head to drier and warmer climates (the parks in southern Utah are particularly popular), and the tourists all stay home and brave their own rainy seasons.  The locals who remain spend most of April, May, and sometimes June, complaining about the bad combination of melting snow and heavy rains.  I, however, love this season.

First of all, you get to have spring skiing!  Most days that I’ve been up on the mountain have still been pretty chilly, but I’ve experienced moments of the glorified spring skiing: slighly slushy snow that’s almost like skiing through powder.  And, we had enough late snow this year that the entire mountain is still open at this point, which is incredible.  Supposedly, they’re going to stay open all the way through Easter Sunday.  So, while everyone else is hunting for little eggs and eating big meals, I’ll be skiing the last day of the season!

And then, after the season ends, road biking begins!  Both of my bikes are currently in the shop getting prepared for many adventures ahead.  My sweet mountain bike won’t get any use until the trails are completely dry, which could be for two more months if it stays rainy and cold.  Road biking, though, truly began last week (in fact, three riders just went past outside the cafe where I’m sitting).  We’ve been having little spurts of warm weather and sunny half-days, thus why my bikes had to be rushed to the shop!

In short, while it’s tempting to go away and leave Sun Valley for this “yucky” season, I think that there are some wonderful benefits for those who stay: clear bike paths, a peaceful town, and no lines at the ski lifts or the post office!