It has been a sunny and pleasant last month here in Ketchum, but everyone (locals and tourists alike) grumble when there is no snow.  I, too, love the snow and know that it’s good for business, but I do love that sunshine too.  This morning, though, I awoke to find huge, dry flurries that lasted all day.  Well, they became wet flurries in the afternoon, but that’s ok.  There were still several inches of new powder around town, and I haven’t seen the numbers for the mountain yet, but I’m sure there are some happy skiers.

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with making soups lately!  Right now I have a creamy tomato soup on the stove (about to be popped into the blender when it cools down), and last week I made a quinoa, corn, and spinach soup that was a little bland but wonderful.  I think that this next one will be tastier–it has clove, dried basil, sauteed onions, and is meant to be served with a green onion/sharp cheddar/egg-doused piece of toast. YUM.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


dog lost…dog found

Well, Hank wasn’t really lost today.  Matt took him out for a walk sans leash, and Hank got a little ways (but not really that far) away from him and ran out and stood in the road.  Some woman drove by and scooped him up, thinking he was a lost dog.  I then got several messages from her in a row claiming that my dog “had been wandering around Warm Springs” (the area where I live).  Matt apparently did yell at her that it was his dog, but for whatever reason she didn’t believe him.  Dog found.

And, I’m back

Dear four or five beloved readers of my blog,

I am so very sorry for my long absence!  Please accept this apology.

Ok, moving on, here are some updates/excuses why I haven’t been blogging:

  • I got to go home for Thanksgiving! If you are reading this, you’ve probably already seen photos.  It was so wonderful, since my entire immediate family only gets together about once a year at the current rate.  We mostly ate, relaxed, walked, watched some football, and just enjoyed ourselves.  Until …
  • We all got sick! The cute little babies started it all with their cute little coughs and sneezes.  Cuddling with them went on for about 4 more days, and then one day my mom and I both woke up one day with sore throats. And then it got worse. I traveled back to Idaho the next day (aren’t the coughing people your favorites on airplanes? Sorry, that was me), went to work the day after that, and then for the next three days I didn’t leave the couch except to go to the doctor or to retrieve soup.  It was rough, but my poor mama had it much worse.  In addition, James got a little sick, my brother-in-law Andy got pretty sick, and Louise only suffered slightly as she has better mommy-baby immunity than the rest of us. Dad has somehow come out on top of us all.
  • I also just finished my first course through an online program that I’ve been working on through UC Berkeley.  This first class was Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage, and yes, I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but I’m so excited now to get into the next two classes which are copy editing workshops.
  • Work has been kind of crazy the last several weeks.  I missed the Thanksgiving madness, but prior to and after that we sponsored several school book fairs, which keep us quite busy in the bookstore!

Well, those are my excuses.  I hope that you all (Mom, Dad, Lauren & Gary) accept my apology.  From here on out I will work harder to bring you smiles and less boring information. I love you all, thank you for pushing me to write!