So much for weekly blogging

This endeavor is more difficult than I was presuming.  Formerly a devoted journal-er, I assumed that blogging every couple of days on many of the topics on which I used to journal would be easy and fun.  But I’ve found that with the expectation of other people reading any of these posts (thanks Mom and Dad), I’ve hoped to provide something meaningful or thought-provoking for my general reader.  This, of course, makes me displace from possibility what I convince myself are “silly”, “worthless”, or “uninteresting” topics that float through my mind.

In effect, I have not been treating this blog like my journal in any way at all.  My poor journal was subject to the most useless of ramblings.  Yet, I pressed forward with them because somewhere in all that jumble I was usually lucky enough to win some sort of epiphany, which usually had nothing to do at all with the topic at hand.  It was wonderful fun, and I’m sad to have lost that lately.

So, dear reader, I hope that twenty days of silence did not discourage you from checking in, I promise to ramble and tell more everyday details of my life.  For example! Today I skied for several hours and skiing in Sun Valley looked like this today (and yes, this is actually a photo from Sun Valley, though obviously not me):

I failed to carry my camera today because it was cloudy when Matt and I started out, but by the time I was done and ready for a soak in the hot tub it was a bluebird day.


Targhee Trip

This weekend I visited a ski area just over the border in Wyoming called Grand Targhee. When I told anyone who doesn’t live in Sun Valley that I was going to ski somewhere else for the weekend, the response was typically something like, “why?”  But, when I told people in Sun Valley that I was visiting Targhee for a few days, the response was something more like, “Oh that’s great, have fun!”

Why the disparity? To people who don’t live in a ski area, it probably doesn’t make any sense to pay expenses and travel to another ski area.  Yet, to those of us who live in such remote places where you truly have to remind yourself of the big world that exists beyond the mountains and desert, leaving town for a few days is a healthy means of  rehabilitating, gaining some perspective, and getting away from what can become an overwhelmingly snobby crowd of people who are spoiled by living in Sun Valley.  In short, it’s nice to remind yourself that the rest of the world is not Sun Valley.  Plus, you come back quite refreshed and able to truly enjoy the wonderful place where you live.

Grand Targhee is just a few miles over the Wyoming border, which for geography nerds means that it is located on the western slopes of the Teton range (for non-geography nerds, if you’ve heard of Jackson Hole–which is on the eastern slope of the Tetons–this is an equally amazing place to ski, just much smaller).  On a nice clear day skiing at Targhee can look like this:

…if you’re really adventurous.  But truly, the views are that stunning–with a clear shot of Grand Teton itself–or at least so I hear.  For the few days that I visited it of course snowed quite relentlessly.  I won’t complain, though, because with so much snow the skiing looked a little more like this:

Yes, it’s true, I couldn’t see anything most of the time.  At the top of the mountain I truly feared for my life a little bit.  There was so much snow and such little visibility that I wasn’t sure where any of the runs were going beyond the next 10 feet in sight.  And on this mountain, it’s very important to know where to go when you are planning to stay on the green and blue runs (for non skiers, those are the ones you can handle if you’re an ok-medium good skier).  Otherwise, you’ll end up heading down a black diamond, or double-black diamond, which at Targhee means you are jumping over cliffs….not for me.

All in all, this was a very nice little trip, and although I’m sad to not have any pictures of my own, this will only be an excuse to go back!