Dairy-Free Chicken Salad

I’ve shared with some of you that I recently developed a very annoying dairy allergy. I’m sure that I could look back to stomach problems in the past and see that this was coming, but one day a month or so ago my body decided to fully reject all dairy. So, for now I’m eating dairy free as much as possible, and will hopefully start exploring what my body can handle sometime after the initial madness has settled down (I’ve been told by some that goat cheese doesn’t bother everyone, nor does aged cheese in some cases).

But for now, I’ve invested in a great book called The Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Kitchen from which I made tonight’s dinner: chicken salad.  A very simple recipe really. You boil the chicken then let it cool, whisk together some dairy-free yogurt, honey, apple cider vinegar, poppyseeds, S&P, grapes, toasted pecans, cilantro, green onions, and celery. When the chicken cools you dice it up and stir it all together. We put ours in wraps with a bunch of baby spinach tonight. And then we fried some tortillas for a side dish.


first big hike

First of all, thank you to all of you for your encouragement in my writing. It is so wonderful to have support from friends and family!

Secondly, we went on our first big hike yesterday (me, Matt, Hank, and our friend Craig), and the weather was beautiful.  This has been the strangest and mildest spring that I have experienced in Idaho, and I have no complaints. Normally you wouldn’t be able to hike to Pioneer Cabin (you reach the cabin by walking down the trail another two hundred feet or so) this early in the season, but for us it was 75 degrees and sunny. That sounds nice, but truthfully the rapid snow melt and warm days put us in danger for wildfires later in the summer. As much as I love this weather and how green everything is right now, I’m praying for lots of rain so we can enjoy the rest of the summer.

I didn’t have my fancy iPhone panorama app with me, so I did some splicing the old-fashioned way (with Microsoft Paint!). If you click on the photo it will get bigger and prettier for you.