Spring in the mountains

This is my favorite time of year in Ketchum.  It can still be pretty chilly and windy, but it’s usually warm enough to go for a long hike or bike ride.  It’s also a wonderful time for just relaxing on the porch soaking up the sun and view, reading, and maybe taking a nap on the couch (as Matt prefers to do).  Today, I spent a good part of the morning reading a book about beekeeping after taking Hank for a walk, and then spent the afternoon preparing some plants to care for during the summer.


This year I went with six small basil plants, one parsley, one small cherry tomato plant, and some pansies for color.  There’s still one more pot and plenty of soil, though, so I can pick out one more plant if I’d like. Hopefully this year’s basil will be enough to make pesto with (last year I didn’t go big enough to pick some every couple of days).  As it warms, it’s also nice to keep the door open, but alas, there was no screen . . . . until I bought a fancy walk-through screen that even Hank has now learned to negotiate.


Good job buddy, now you can go play outside in the 3×4 foot space designated for you on the porch.


3 comments on “Spring in the mountains

  1. Elizabeth Schley says:

    Beautiful view! Looks perfect! One day I’ll have to get myself out to Ketchum to see it in person 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for your descriptions of some of your activities and of some of your thought processes and for the great pictures. It is a little like being close by. Please keep it up.

  3. MK says:

    I always enjoy your pics and your posts–I
    l second what Dad said: Please keep it up!

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