City of Rocks trip

    Finally, it is warm enough to get outside without snowshoes, skis, or boots.  It’s officially time for climbing, hiking, and cycling!  This time of year tends to be kind of rainy, but I think that there are actually more sunny days than gray ones.  When I left work on Tuesday afternoon it was in the mid-60s, so Matt and I decided to drive to an even warmer destination where we could camp, hike, and climb around on some big rocks.

The evening and morning of our short trip to southern Idaho’s City of Rocks national reserve were windy, but the night was strangely calm.  There was absolute silence–except for Hank wiggling around in the tent, and except for the owl who floated around for several hours echoing its hoots off the rocks.

No crickets, no deer, thankfully no big cats that we know of, and not even a single coyote crying out in the night.  I have never been in a more silent place.  If you sit there and think about it too much the silence will surely drive you mad, but if you just snuggle into your sleeping bag and think about all the noise that could be polluting your ears, such silence isn’t so scary.

In the morning we hiked around in the valley and then had a nice picnic and headed back north.

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One comment on “City of Rocks trip

  1. Jim says:

    Great pictures. Also, reminds me of “with a silence you could almost hear” … from Dangerous Dan McGrew

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