It has been a sunny and pleasant last month here in Ketchum, but everyone (locals and tourists alike) grumble when there is no snow.  I, too, love the snow and know that it’s good for business, but I do love that sunshine too.  This morning, though, I awoke to find huge, dry flurries that lasted all day.  Well, they became wet flurries in the afternoon, but that’s ok.  There were still several inches of new powder around town, and I haven’t seen the numbers for the mountain yet, but I’m sure there are some happy skiers.

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with making soups lately!  Right now I have a creamy tomato soup on the stove (about to be popped into the blender when it cools down), and last week I made a quinoa, corn, and spinach soup that was a little bland but wonderful.  I think that this next one will be tastier–it has clove, dried basil, sauteed onions, and is meant to be served with a green onion/sharp cheddar/egg-doused piece of toast. YUM.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


One comment on “Snow!!

  1. Jim says:

    Yum is right regarding the soup. Sounds wonderful.

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