Fall Bike Rides

That’s right, two posts in two days!  Mom and Dad, aren’t you proud?

Just wanted to give you all some quick stats on my wonderful bike ride today:

Total cyclists on path between here and Hailey: about 25

Total golf cart spottings: 8

Total funny tourists on cruisers spottings: 12

Total attacks by crazy red-winged blackbirds: 0 (yes, that has happened before)

Total snakes seen: 2

Total snakes hit: 1

Total giant grasshoppers run over or injured while trying to fly through my spokes: approximately 25

Total giant grasshoppers that I will hit two weeks from now: unestimable

Temperature: 73

Wind chill: 58 (that’s a guess)

Total flat tires: 0

Total miles biked: 22

All in all, a good ride!



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