whew…part II

Well, I finally have internet back in my apartment, so there are officially no more excuses for going two weeks between blog posts.

Since my last update I’ve been to Memphis to visit lots of family and celebrate the birthday of my dear sweet namesake, Mema Martha.  It was a festive, fun, and blistering hot weekend, but above all it was wonderful to see so much family.  Living so far away from everyone has been more difficult than I’d first imagined, so the weekend was a good refresher (and not in the sense that I needed to be refreshed on why I live so far away…my family is truly wonderful).

Back in Ketchum things have started to get a little crazy.  What we call the “slack” or non-tourist season is drawing to a close, which means that business is picking up and the days are becoming fuller.  Fortunately, this coincides with nicer and warmer weather.  Today Matt and I went on a bike ride down our very own local rails-to-trails path.  I believe that we went about 11 miles or so, which is more than enough for my allergies and lack of summer sport strength.  But it was a gorgeous day.  I don’t think that the temperature rose above 60, it was mostly sunny with a constant breeze, and all the hills surrounding us were bright green.  It felt wonderful to rush along by the river with the smell of the cottonwoods and other fresh blooms engulfing us.

On another note, I’m finally reading a book called Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, which a friend thrust into my hands several months ago.  I have a terrible tendency to not start reading books if they don’t have a due date stamped inside (or hypothetically so since libraries just scan everything now), but I picked up this book the other day and have been rushing my way through it.  That’s all I’ll say for now and I’ll attempt a review in my next post instead of blathering incoherently.


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