What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been–working a lot, but then taking a week off to join my parents in New York for my brother’s graduation, and then diving right back into work and house-sitting for mole-killing cats immediately upon my return.  It’s all been wonderful of course.

So, New York is clearly the most intriguing part of the above paragraph (for those of you who know where I live: resort rural, quiet, small, mountainous and classic-ly wide open).  In short, New York was quite a change, but a very welcome one.  Matt accompanied me on the trip and it was so nice to have someone to travel with.  I’ve become so accustomed to dealing with everything myself, and sitting for hours reading or talking on my cell phone.  There was a certain comfort involved in my singular traveling style, but also so nice to have a companion this time (in short someone to voice all of my ridiculous concerns too, thus displacing my travel stress–thanks Matt).

In the city we spent the majority of time walking around and exploring (aka wearing ourselves out).  We toured a few galleries in Chelsea, several small bookstores and one very large one (the Strand), ate a lot of wonderful food, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, visited a friend of mine working at the Met, walked around Central Park, and spent a lot of time enjoying each other’s company.

It was a wonderful trip, and for probably the first time–I wasn’t entirely ready to leave…..but once back in Idaho amongst the mountains I was quite happy.  It’s always nice to come home, and especially when home is so beautiful.

I’ll post some pictures when I next remember to bring my camera along….


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