So much for weekly blogging

This endeavor is more difficult than I was presuming.  Formerly a devoted journal-er, I assumed that blogging every couple of days on many of the topics on which I used to journal would be easy and fun.  But I’ve found that with the expectation of other people reading any of these posts (thanks Mom and Dad), I’ve hoped to provide something meaningful or thought-provoking for my general reader.  This, of course, makes me displace from possibility what I convince myself are “silly”, “worthless”, or “uninteresting” topics that float through my mind.

In effect, I have not been treating this blog like my journal in any way at all.  My poor journal was subject to the most useless of ramblings.  Yet, I pressed forward with them because somewhere in all that jumble I was usually lucky enough to win some sort of epiphany, which usually had nothing to do at all with the topic at hand.  It was wonderful fun, and I’m sad to have lost that lately.

So, dear reader, I hope that twenty days of silence did not discourage you from checking in, I promise to ramble and tell more everyday details of my life.  For example! Today I skied for several hours and skiing in Sun Valley looked like this today (and yes, this is actually a photo from Sun Valley, though obviously not me):

I failed to carry my camera today because it was cloudy when Matt and I started out, but by the time I was done and ready for a soak in the hot tub it was a bluebird day.


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