Crafty Time

I wish I could claim that I’m actually a print-maker, but really I’m a childlike craft-time version of a print-maker.  Instead of wood I use little rubber squares from the craft store, and instead of finely tuned utensils I use interchangeable kid-friendly carving tools.

Nevertheless, I enjoy my craft time immensely.  It is Martha-time, music-listening time, relaxing time, and evokes a sense of handmade production that I truly enjoy.

My favorite part of making these crafts, though, is when I get to send them on to others.  I always photograph them for my own pleasure, but, as with these cards which I recently made, they will all disappear into the void of the mailing system, only to reemerge several days later into the hands of sweet friends and loved ones who will hopefully open them and smile.

Ultimately, I hope to create images for cards and other things that I could potentially sell on Etsy.  Not for the sheer profit of such a venture (because it would be extremely small), but  simply to extend my joy and more importantly to have an excuse to spend more time crafting.

(If you’d like to see more details on the photo for any reason, simply click on it!)

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2 comments on “Crafty Time

  1. Francescaroo says:

    I love these prints! I’ve been thinking about taking the printmaking class here at school for a while and this is super inspiring. Thanks, Martha!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Love these! Much better than the rubber stamp I created when I was in 6th grade. Should give it another go because I remember it being a super fun activity.

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